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Nearly 2 million people per year are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. When a friend or loved one is diagnosed with cancer, we worry not only if they will survive, but if they can tolerate the toxic side effects of chemotherapy.


It’s time for a paradigm shift. Patients deserve to focus on becoming healthy and not worry about the toxic and debilitating side effects of decades old chemotherapy.


The Reglagene team is developing Precision Chemotherapy – A safe way to selectively kill tumors, while sparing healthy tissue.

Reglagene develops Precision Chemotherapy - Oral Medicines that selectively kill tumors, while being non-toxic to healthy tissue

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Traditional Chemotherapy remains a frontline cancer treatment. 62% of patients with Stage II-IV cancer receive traditional chemotherapy. This is commonly given intravenously, and common toxicities include: nausea, vomiting,  hair loss, infections, hematological toxicities, and many other dose limiting toxicities.


Unfortunately, 86% of patients who receive Traditional Chemotherapy report side effects and toxicities. These occur from the therapies being unable to differentiate between healthy and cancer cells. This greatly increases the risk of treatment failure.

Precision Medicine is a relatively new approach that allows physicians to prescribe medicines that have the highest likelihood of success based on a patient's genetic profile.

Precision Chemotherapy is a subset of Precision Medicine. By understanding the genetic profile of patients and looking at genetic differences between healthy and cancer cells, Reglagene can develop medicines that selectively induce DNA damage in cancer cells, while not targeting healthy cells. Precision Chemotherapy  aims to become a frontline treatment.

A great market opportunity will be combining Precision Chemotherapy with DNA Damage Response (DDR) Inhibitors. DDR Inhibitors work by preventing cancer cells from repairing DNA damage. DDR Inhibitors rarely work well as monotherapy and are commonly paired with Traditional Chemotherapy, often resulting in intolerable toxicity and treatment failure. Reglagene can pair its Precision Chemotherapy with DDR Inhibitors to enable safer treatment regimens and expand treatment opportunities for patients.


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Chemotherapy - A word hated by many. Everyone knows someone who has had chemotherapy and experienced its toxicity, as it has been a frontline treatment for decades.


With advances in technology and genetic profiling, we believe we can solve the decades long problem of toxic chemotherapies.

Our Precision Chemotherapies are developed with a 'Patient First' mentality. We aspire to develop novel ways to replace traditional chemotherapies with safer, less toxic therapies.

Pioneers in Quadruplex Technology


Reglagene’s technology is centered upon targeting unique four stranded DNA structures that are over-expressed in cancer. Reglagene's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Laurence Hurley discovered how to develop Precision Chemotherapeutic agents that target quadruplexes and safely fight cancer. 



Reglagene’s technology for creating new medicines leverages unique DNA structural features to identify medicines that act on specific cancer cells to create Precision Chemotherapeutic agents based on the genetic makeup of a patient’s tumor.

With therapeutic indexes up to 50x (indicating 50 times more drug is needed to kill healthy cells than cancer cells), Reglagene has shown that we can be extremely selective.


Reglagene accesses the advantages of what are known as small-molecule medicines. Benefits of small molecule medicines include: oral administration, low manufacturing costs, and well-traveled development and regulatory pathways.



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