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Reglagene Highlighted in Arizona Daily Star

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Reglagene was highlighted in an Arizona Daily Star feature on Tucson's Desert Angels. Reglagene is a portfolio company of the Desert Angels, and the initial funding was critical for our success. “If the Desert Angels opted not to back us, we would not have had a company—it's just that simple,” says Richard Austin, CEO.

Receiving funding from the Desert Angels helped kickstart Reglagene’s drug discovery and development engine. After just a few years of operating, over 500 new medicines have been designed that are being tested in several different cancers, collaborations have been built all around the globe, several grants have been won from the National Institutes of Health, and Reglagene’s operational footprint has grown significantly in Tucson, Arizona.

“Our dream is to leave a biotech company footprint in Tucson, with the jobs and growth that go along with that, and that's part of the mission of the Angels,” said Austin

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