NCI Awards Reglagene $300,000 to Investigate a New Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Metastatic prostate cancer will kill 27,000 Americans in 2019. Reglagene’s Quadruplex Master Switch Technology enables the development of a new medicine that kills drug-resistant prostate cancer tumor cells by a new mechanism of action. The National Cancer Institute notified Reglagene of a $300,000 STTR small business award on September 19. This award will enable Reglagene to accelerate its effort to translate groundbreaking research targeting the TERT gene from the University of Arizona onto a product development trajectory. The Principal Investigator on the award is Reglagene’s CSO, Dr. Laurence Hurley.

The envisioned therapeutic agent leverages the action of DNA quadruplex structures to selectively attenuate expression of the TERT gene, resulting in cancer cell death in a few days. Successful product development will exemplify a therapeutic paradigm to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases marked by abnormal changes in gene expression.

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