A Warm Congratulations to Dr. Laurence Hurley

Updated: Mar 28

We congratulate Reglagene's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Laurence Hurley for the granting of FDA Fast Track status for Pidnarulex, the only DNA quadruplex-targeting therapy that is active in human clinical trials. Pidnarulex is for ovarian and breast cancer patients presenting as BRCA1/2 or PALB2 positive. Dr. Hurley was the CSO at Cylene during the preclinical development of Pidnarulex. It is his second quadruplex therapy to reach clinical testing. Dr. Hurley won't stop his contributions to cancer treatments there and is actively working on developing a new brain cancer therapy with the Reglagene team!

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Many thanks to Tech Launch Arizona for licensing cancer fighting technology from Dr. Hurley's lab to Reglagene. It has been applied to fighting brain cancer, and is expected to enter the clinic next y