Updated: Jun 1, 2020

"At Reglagene, our dream is not cancer treatments, it is cancer cures!" -Richard Austin

The Cancer Fund's Ann Low interviewed Reglagene's CEO Richard Austin. Watch it here for more background about Reglagene's biotechnology and information on Reglagene's first product!

Updated: Apr 5

Tucson, Arizona, February 24, 2020 / It happens too often that a cancer survivor will hear the terrible words “Your cancer is back.” Cancer has a way of changing itself to build resistance to even the best therapies. Reglagene and Viva BioInnovator have entered into a partnership that will accelerate the development of new medicines that address the root cause of therapy resistance to make cancer treatments work better and longer.

Reglagene is a cancer therapeutics company focused on developing new medicines that combat therapeutic resistance. Its first products target a gene that drives resistance to standard treatments in advanced prostate cancer and glioblastoma.

Viva BioInnovator(VBI) is the specialized investment and incubation arm of Viva Biotech Holdings, a world-leading, structure-based, integrated drug discovery platform, who provides structure-based drug discovery services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers worldwide for their preclinical-stage innovative drug development.

"It’s difficult to imagine a better partner for Reglagene than Viva BioInnovator," said Richard Austin, PhD, MBA, President and CEO of Reglagene. "The outstanding chemistry and biology services we access with this deal will accelerate our prostate cancer and glioblastoma product development programs. They will advance to pivotal proof of concept studies sooner than we could achieve on our own."

Dr. Zhixiong Ye, Chief Scientific Officer of Viva Biotech, said, "Reglagene’s technology for developing medicines that regain control of genes exploited by cancer is unlike anything I’ve seen in the pharmaceutical industry. We are delighted to partner with them to develop cancer medicines for cancer patients."

Cancer therapies switch on cancer’s survival mechanisms, which result in the genetic changes driving therapy resistance. Genes coopted by cancer can often be identified by profiling a patient’s tumor to guide therapy selection. Reglagene’s technology enables the discovery and development of medicines that take back control of specific genes to kill cancer and help other therapies work more effectively.

About Viva BioInnovator

Viva BioInnovator (VBI) is the investment division of Viva Biotech Holdings (1873.HK). We are solely dedicated to the identification and success of early-stage biotech start-ups for Viva’s incubation, equity-for-service, and investment platforms. Our commitment is to operate a collaborative platform for innovative biotech companies from around the world, and for anyone aiming to develop an idea with transformative or strong potential. Visit for more information.

About Reglagene

Reglagene Holding Inc. is a therapeutics discovery and development company. We leverage technology developed at the University of Arizona to discover and develop new medicines that function by controlling gene expression. Visit for more information.

Media Contact

Richard Austin, PhD, MBA, President & CEO, Reglagene

SOURCE: Reglagene Holding, Inc.

Reglagene placed second in the RESI Innovation Challenge during JP Morgan Week in San Francisco (January 2020). Hosted by Life Science Nation, RESI conferences bring together global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health with life science strategic partners, family offices, venture funds, and angel investors.

The RESI Innovation Challenge featured 30 early stage life science companies from around the world that are selected by Life Science Nation’s internal scientific review board to be part of the RESI Innovation Challenge, presenting their technologies in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference.

Attendees at the RESI conference are provided with RESI Bucks to “invest” in the most promising companies during the full day event. The capital invested is then tallied up and the top three winners receive prizes and are featured in the RESI newsletter recap that goes out to Life Science Nation’s 23,000 newsletter readership to meet with some of the top innovators in the field and invest their “RESI Cash.”

This is the second win for Reglagene in the last month. The company was announced as a winner of the Fall 2019 Arizona Innovation Challenge on December 11, 2019. A business plan competition for promising early-stage companies in high-growth industries awards $1.5 million twice a year. The winners receive as much as $150,000 each, released in phases as each company reaches certain milestones, as well as the benefit of participating in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s Venture Ready Accelerator, which connects companies with serial entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and subject matter experts. The program is designed to help startups refine their business plan, improve go-to-market strategies, and increase investor readiness.