about reglagene

Reglagene’s mission is to discover and develop low-cost and noninvasive therapeutic solutions that regain control of genes exploited by cancer to keep patients responsive to treatment.

Pioneering the field

Reglagene’s technology is the product of 20 years of meticulous research from the labs of Professor Laurence Hurley at the University of Arizona. Professor Hurley discovered that unusual DNA structures called “quadruplexes” found in many genes exploited by cancer and other diseases are actually master controllers of gene expression.

Sensing an opportunity to use this discovery for the benefit of patients, Professor Hurley pioneered Quadruplex Master Switch Technology (QMST) to enable the development of medicines that fight disease through the control of gene expression.

QMST is ready to deliver on the promise. As the pharmaceutical R&D landscape continues to evolve, the rapid advancement of biomedical technology and the cost of maintaining ever-ready R&D capacity have conspired to create a shift in the pharmaceutical business model. Once the exclusive domain of major companies, pharmaceutical discovery is increasingly distributed among innovative startup companies. The time is now for Reglagene to create new therapies based on our technology and bring these to a world seeking new therapeutic solutions.




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